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Past Events

  • The Batsheva de Rothschild Seminar on Quasicrystals, Delone sets and Generalizations of Lattices(*) Mar 11, 16:43-Mar 16, 16:43, 2018, Sea of Galilee, at Ohalo Manor Hotel.

  • Cohn’s theory of universal skew fields of fractions Feb 6, 11:30-Feb 18, 11:30, 2018, Room -101.

    Jurij Volcic (BGU) will give three lectures on the theory of universal skew fields of fractions due to P.M. Cohn, a beautiful and powerful tool of noncommutative algebra little known outside of a small circle of cognoscenti. Everybody is invited (the lectures should be accessible for graduate students).

    Time and place:

    Tuesday Feb. 6, Thursday Feb. 15, and Sunday Feb. 18 at 11:30-13:00 in Room -101


    As opposed to the commutative setting, localization in noncommutative rings is a much more intricate topic, accompanied with various subtle obstacles and at first sight counter-intuitive phenomena. An exceptional contribution to this field has been made by Paul Moritz Cohn (1924-2006) with the introduction of universal skew fields of fractions in the 70’s, and his subsequent development of this theory. In the self-contained course of three talks I will try to present some of Cohn’s core results with the view towards the universal skew field of fractions of a free algebra.

    In the first lecture we will consider the general problem of embedding rings into skew fields, and early difficulties accompanying it. Following Cohn we will then introduce the category of epic skew fields and specializations assigned to a fixed ring. This will allow us to talk about universal skew fields of fractions and to draw parallels with the commutative theory.

    In the second lecture we will explain the interplay between specializations, singular kernels, matrix ideals in matrix representation of fractions. Our aim will be to determine necessary and sufficient conditions for a ring to admit a (universal) skew field of fractions.

    In the last lecture we will finally look at a concrete family of rings admitting universal skew fields of fractions: free ideal rings (firs), among which are free algebras, and their generalizations. We will trace down their distinguishing property that fulfills the sufficient condition from the previous lecture.

  • Second Local Model Theory Day Dec 17, 11:00-17:00, 2017, Math -101.

  • A night of mathematics and Jazz(*) Nov 26, 18:00-22:00, 2017, Math -101. Haruka-and-Ehud.jpg

    All faculty and students are cordially invited.


    18:00 Undergraduate math club

    Barak Weiss, Tel Aviv University

    The illumination problem

    The following elementary problem in geometry is still open: given a polygon in the plane, say that points and in see each other if there is a billiard path from to . Is there a polygon in which infinitely many pairs of points do not see each other?

    Such problems turn out to be easy to state but very difficult to solve. I will explain this and related questions in greater detail, and describe some recent progress which relies on well-known work of Eskin and Mirzakhani (part of the late Maryam Mirzakhani’s Field medal citation).

    19:00 A Jazz show by Tsachik and the perverse sheaves

    Ehud Ettun on bass

    Haruka Yabuno on Piano

    Tsachik Gelander on drums

  • חפירות במדבר Jul 13, 2017, אוניברסיטת בן-גוריון, בניין 26, חדר 4.

    הנכם מוזמנים לכנס חפירות במתמטיקה השני, אשר יתקיים באוניברסיטת בן-גוריון ביום ה’ ה-13.7.17.

    יהיו הרצאות מרתקות במגוון נושאים, תוכלו לפגוש ולהכיר אנשים שמתעניינים במתמטיקה, וכמובן – לחפור!

  • The Noriko Sakurai fellowship and the Friedman prize for the year 2017(*) May 23, 14:00-16:00, 2017, Deichmann building for Mathematics (58), Seminar room -101, BGU. Sakurai2017poster.pdf

  • Geometric Topology and Geometry of Banach Spaces(*) May 14-19, 2017, Eilat, Israel.

  • Networks of Linear Systems and Operator Theory(*) Mar 19-24, 2017, Sde Boker. merged.pdf

  • School - Arithmetic groups(*) Mar 12, 16:30-Mar 17, 12:00, 2017, Mitzpe Ramon.

    There will be five main Mini-Courses as follows:

    1. Higher rank lattices rigidity and arithmeticity, Tsachik Gelander (Weizmann).
    2. Exotic lattices, Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace (U.C. Louvin).
    3. Strong approximation in linear groups, Nikolay Nikolov (Oxford).
    4. Arithmetic hyperbolic 3-manifolds, Nicolas Bergeron (Jussieu)
    5. The congruence subgroup property, Nir Avni (Northwestern).
  • Special lecture Jan 16, 10:00-11:00, 2017, Math building (58), room -101, BGU.

    Speaker: Anton Khoroshkin (HSE, Moscow)

    Little discs operad, graph complexes and applications

    The little cubes operad is one of the key objects of the deformation theory of
    the last decades. I will outline its geometric definition, some combinatorial
    models and different known results and applications.

    The framed little cubes operad is much less studied and I will report on some
    recent results of related deformation theory, explain relationships with
    Deligne-Mumford compactifications of stable curves of zero genus and use it to
    prove some conjectures stated for braid and cacti groups whose representations
    appear naturally as tensor products in tensor and coboundary categories

  • טקס מלגת הצטיינות על-שם גאוכמן(*) Jan 3, 14:00-16:00, 2017, בנין 37, חדר 202. gauchman.pdf

  • Special lecture in Geometry and Physics Nov 21, 11:00-12:00, 2016, Math building (58), room 201, BGU.

    Dynamics of Spacetime — Einstein’s equations as a geometric flow.

    Speaker: Dr. David Fajman (Vienna)

    The interpretation of Einstein’s equations as a geometric flow (the Einstein flow) allows to study the evolution of spacetimes from a dynamical point of view. Two types of initial data are mainly considered: Firstly, asymptotically flat data describing initial states of isolated self-gravitating systems and secondly, data on closed manifolds describing initial states for cosmological spacetimes. Studying the evolution of data under the flow we aim to understand its long-time behavior and the global geometry of its time-development. We are interested in the construction of static solutions (or static up to a time-rescaling) as potential attractors of the flow and their nonlinear stability, completeness and incompleteness properties of spacetimes and singularity formation. We present new methods to construct and study solutions by geometric and analytical tools as well as several results in the directions mentioned above. We consider in particular the case of matter models coupled to the Einstein equations, which turns out to provide several interesting phenomena and new classes of solutions.

  • School on Polish Groups(*) May 22-27, 2016, Midreshet Sde-Boker.

    The School will focus on Polish Groups. General theory, examples, representations of discrete groups with Polish targets, and applications to discrete groups, geometry and dynamics. The three main courses will be:


    1. General theory of Polish groups Jullien Melleray, Christian Rosendal and Todor Tsankov.
    2. Algebraic groups over Polish fields. Jean Lécureux and Bertrand Rémy.
    3. Infinite dimensional Lie groups and their symmetric spaces Bruno Duchesne.
  • ערב חשיפה לתארים מתקדמים Apr 12, 17:00-18:30, 2016, חדר סמינרים (101-), בניין 58. prog.pdf

  • Algebraic Combinatorics day(*) Mar 29, 2016, Room -101, Math building (58), BGU. klin.pdf

    In honor of Prof. Mikhail Klin, on the occasion of his retirement

  • Special Seminar Jun 16, 10:00-11:00, 2015, Room -101, BGU.

    Speaker: Antoine Ducros (Paris 6)

    Title: Stability of Gauss valuations


    A valued field $(k,|.|)$ is said to be stable (this terminology has no link with model-theoretic stability theory) if every finite extension $L$ of $k$ is defectless, i.e., satisfies the equality $\sum e_vf_v=[L:k]$, where $v$ goes through the set of extensions of $|.|$ to $L$, and where $e_v$ and $f_v$ are the ramification and inertia indexes of $v$. The purpose of my talk is to present a new proof (which is part of current joint reflexions with E. Hrushovski and F. Loeser) of the following classical fact (Grauert, Kuhlmann, Temkin,…) : let $(k,|.|)$ be a stable valued field, and let $(r_1,\dots,r_n)$ be elements of an ordered abelian group $G$ containing $|k^*|$. Let $|.|’$ be the $G$-valued valuation on $k(T_1,\dots,T_n)$ that sends $\sum a_I T^I$ to $\max_I |a_I|\cdot r^I$. Then $(k(T_1,\dots,T_n),|.|’)$ is stable too.

    Our general strategy is purely geometric, but the proof is based upon model-theoretic tools coming from model theory (which I will first present; no knowledge of model theory will be assumed). In particular, it uses in a crucial way a geometric object defined in model-theoretic terms that Hrushovski and Loeser attach to a given $k$-variety $X$, which is called its stable completion; the only case we will have to consider is that of a curve, in which the stable completion has a very nice model-theoretic property, namely the definability, which makes it very easy to work with.

  • Operator algebras and operator theory May 13, 11:10-15:30, 2015, BGU.

    Joint Operator Algebras and Operator Theory Seminar, bringing together people from Ben-Gurion University, the Technion, Tel Aviv University and the University of Haifa

  • Award of the Noriko Sakurai Postdoctoral Fellowship(*) May 12, 2015, BGU.

  • Distinguished Lecture Series: Prof. Ilijas Farah, York University, Canada May 7-18, 2015, BGU.

  • Ergodic Theorems and Applications in Probability(*) May 3-8, 2015, Eilat.

  • Action NOW(*) Mar 24, 2015, BGU.

  • The Moshe Flato Lecture Series 2015 Mar 12, 2015, BGU.

  • Workshop on Generalized Cohomology(*) Feb 8-12, 2015, Sde Boker.

  • TRATC2014 - Tropicalization, Realization, and Algebraic-Tropical Correspondence(*) Sep 28-Oct 3, 2014, Eilat.

  • Award of the Noriko Sakurai Postdoctoral Fellowship(*) May 20, 2014, BGU.

  • 30th European Workshop on Computational Geometry (EuroCG 2014)(*) Mar 3-5, 2014, Ein Gedi.

  • Workshop on the Central Limit Theorem(*) Jul 2, 2013, Ben-Gurion University, math. dept. building.

  • Interactions between Logic, Topological structures and Banach spaces theory(*) May 19-24, 2013, Eilat.

  • Action Now Seminar: Mostow and Rigidity(*) May 7, 2013, Ben-Gurion University Math dept. building.

  • Workshop on Algebraic, Analytic, and Tropical Geometry (AATG2013)(*) Apr 28-May 3, 2013, Kibbutz Ein Gedi.

  • Mini conference in operator algebras(*) Apr 9-10, 2013, BGU.

  • Spring School on Group C*-algebras(*) Mar 17-21, 2013, Sde Boker.

  • Workshop on C*-algebras and Noncommutative Dynamics(*) Mar 11-14, 2013, Sde Boker.

  • Dynamics on parameter spaces 2013 Jan 27-Feb 1, 2013, Sde Boker.

  • Award of the Noriko Sakurai Postdoctoral Fellowship for 2013(*) Dec 25, 2012, BGU.

  • The Moshe Flato Lecture Series 2011 Mar 10, 2011, BGU.

  • The Moshe Flato Lecture Series 2008 Nov 27, 2008, BGU.

  • The Moshe Flato Lecture Series 2007 Mar 20, 2007, BGU.

  • The Moshe Flato Lecture Series 2004 Nov 25, 2004, BGU.

  • The Moshe Flato Lecture Series 2002 Nov 28, 2002, BGU.

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