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In this course the basic concepts of one-dimensional analysis (a limit, a derivative, an integral) are introduced and explored in different applications: graphing functions, approximations, calculating areas etc. 1. Limit of a function, continuity. 2. Derivative, basic derivative formulas. 3. Derivative of an inverse function; derivative of a composite function, the chain rule; derivative of an implicit function. 4. Derivatives of high order. 5. The mean value problem theorem. Indeterminate forms and l’Hopital’s rule. 6. Rise and fall of a function; local minimal and maximal values of a function. 7. Concavity and points of inflection. Asymptotes. Graphing functions. 8. Linear approximations and differentials. Teylor’s theorem and approximations of an arbitrary order. 9. Indefinite integrals: definition and properties. 10. Integration methods: the substitution method, integration by parts. 11. Definite integrals. The fundamental theorem of integral calculus (Newton-Leibniz’s theorem). 12. Calculating areas. Bibliography Thomas & Finney, Calculus and Analytic Geometry, 8th Edition, Addison-Wesley(World Student Series).

University course catalogue: 201.1.9711

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