Prof. Amnon Yekutieli

Time and Place

יום ד 14:00 - 12:00 Wedneday

חדר 58-201 room

Course Content

The course will be in English . It will continue in the Spring semester, as: Algebraic Geometry - Schemes (2)

Course Topics (tentative, for both semesters; more details in course web site):

  1. Sheaves on topological spaces.
  2. Ringed spaces.
  3. Affine Schemes.
  4. Schemes.
  5. Maps of schemes.
  6. Morphisms to projective space and blow-ups.
  7. Calculating some invariants.
  8. The functor of points and moduli spaces.
  9. Algebraic differential calculus.
  10. Group schemes and their Lie algebras.

University course catalogue: 201.2.0121

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