Spring 2017

Prof. Amnon Yekutieli

Time and Place

יום רביעי 12:00 - Wednesday 14:00

Course Content


  1. Rigidity, residues and duality over commutative rings. We will study rigid residue complexes. We will prove their uniqueness and existence, the trace and localization functoriality, and the ind-rigid trace homomorphism.

  2. Derived categories in geometry. This topic concerns geometry in the wide sense. We will prove existence of K-flat and K-injective resolutions, and talk about derived direct and inverse image functors.

  3. Rigidity, residues and duality over schemes. The goal is to present an accessible approach to global Grothendieck duality for proper maps of schemes. This approach is based on rigid residue complexes and the ind-rigid trace. We will indicate a generalization of this approach to DM stacks.

  4. Derived categories in noncommutative ring theory. Subtopics: dualizing complexes, tilting complexes, the derived Picard group, derived Morita theory, survey of noncommutative and derived algebraic geometry.

Course Catalogue: 201.2.0364