Time and Place:

  • יום ב 13:00 - 11:00 in קרייטמן-זלוטובסקי(חדש) [34] חדר 14
  • יום ב 18:00 - 16:00 in קרייטמן-זלוטובסקי(חדש) [34] חדר 114

Course topics

Photoelectric effect, Frank-Hertz experiment, Compton effect, Two-slit experiment, Particle-wave duality, Bohr model, Periodic table Schrodinger eq, Operators, Harmonic oscillator, Stepwise potentials, Quantum mechanics in Hilbert space, Commutator, Central forces, Angular momentum, Hydrogen atom, Magnetic field and spin

University course catalogue: 203.1.3141