Ben Gurion University – Mathematics

Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory Seminar

Second Semester (Spring) 2016-17

  • Location: Room -101 (basement floor), Mathematics Building (number 58)

  • Time: Wednesdays at 15:10-16:30 (starts at 15:10 sharp)

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  • This semester the seminar is organized by Amnon Yekutieli

  • About the seminar: Our seminar deals with algebraic geometry and number theory in the wide sense (including ring theory, algebraic topology and derived categories). You can get an idea about the seminar topics by clicking "Previous semester" (recursively).

  • Advice for speakers: The talks are 80 minutes long, and we tend to ask many questions during them, so please be prepared for that.





15 March 2017

Boris Tsygan (Northwestern)

What do algebras form? (Revisited) (abstract)

22 March

Ehud de Shalit (HU)

Integral structures in p-adic representations (abstract)

29 March

Billy Woods (BGU)

Iwasawa Algebras (abstract)

5 April

Victor Abrashkin (Durham)

Galois groups of local fields, Lie algebras and ramification (part II) (abstract)

19 April

Michael Temkin (HU)

Logarithmic desingularization and semistable reduction (abstract)

26 April

Tomer Schlank (HU)

Homotopical Obstructions and the unramified Inverse Galois problem (abstract)

3 May

Ishai Dan-Cohen (BGU)

Connectedness and concentration theorems in rational motivic homotopy theory (abstract)

10 May

Ziv Ran (UC Riverside)

Generic projections (abstract)

17 May

Ilan Hirshberg (BGU)

The UCT problem in KK-theory: a survey (abstract)

24 May

Itay Glazer (Weizmann)

On convolution of algebraic morphisms and some applications (abstract)

14 June

Tom Meyerovitch (BGU)

Cocycles and cohomology for subshifts and tiling spaces (abstract)

21 June

Avraham Aizenbud (Weizmann)

Counting representations of arithmetic groups and points of schemes (abstract)

28 June

Luc Illusie (Paris Sud)

Revisiting vanishing cycles and duality in étale cohomology (abstract)

(updated 17 June 2017)