Title: On the Homology of Completion and Torsion
Authors: Marco Porta, Liran Shaul and Amnon Yekutieli
Publication status:
Algebras and Repesentation Theory 17 (2014), 31–67.

Errata: Erratum to: On the Homology of Completion and Torsion
Algebras and Representation Theory: Volume 18, Issue 5 (2015), Page 1401-1405

Let A be a commutative ring, and \a a weakly proregular ideal in A.
This includes the noetherian case: if A is noetherian then any
ideal in it is weakly proregular; but there are other interesting
examples. In this paper we prove the MGM equivalence, which is an
equivalence between the category of cohomologically \a-adically 
complete complexes and the category of cohomologically \a-torsion
complexes. These are triangulated subcategories of the derived 
category of A-modules. Our work extends earlier work by Alonso- 
Jeremias-Lipman, Schenzel and Dwyer-Greenlees. 


updated 19 November 2015