Title: Rigid Dualizing Complexes on Schemes
Authors: Amnon Yekutieli and James J. Zhang
Publication status: Preprint. Eprint math.AG/0405570 at arXiv

In this paper we present a new approach to Grothendieck duality on
schemes. Our approach is based on the idea of rigid dualizing
complexes, which was introduced by Van den Bergh in the context
of noncommutative algebraic geometry. We obtain most of the
important features of Grothendieck duality,
yet manage to avoid lengthy and difficult compatibility
verifications. Our results apply to finite type schemes over a
regular noetherian finite dimensional base ring,
and hence are suitable for arithmetic geometry.

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Warning: this preprint is sketchy and the proofs in it are far from complete. Please look up the survey article and the lecture notes. Full proofs should appear during 2015.

(updated 28 December 2014)