Title: Rigid Dualizing Complexes via Differential Graded Algebras (Survey)
Authors: Amnon Yekutieli
Publication status: Proceedings of Conference on Triangulated Categories (Leeds 2006). London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series (No. 375).

Abstract:  In this article we survey recent results on rigid dualizing complexes over commutative algebras. We begin by recalling what are dualizing complexes. Next we define rigid complexes, and explain their functorial properties. Due to the possible presence of torsion, we must use differential graded algebras in the constructions. We then discuss rigid dualizing complexes. Finally we show how rigid complexes can be used to understand Cohen-Macaulay homomorphisms and relative dualizing sheaves.

Electronic Preprint:
Eprint arXiv:0709.2149 [math.AG]
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