Title: Dualizing Complexes and Perverse Modules over Differential Algebras
(previous title: Differential Algebras of Finite Type)
Authors: Amnon Yekutieli and James J. Zhang
Publication status: Compositio Mathematica 141 (2005), 620-654

A differential algebra of finite type over a field k is a
filtered algebra A, such that the associated graded algebra is
finite over its center, and the center is  a finitely generated
k-algebra. The prototypical example is the algebra of
differential operators on a smooth affine variety, when char k =
0. We study homological and geometric properties of differential
algebras of finite type. The main results concern the rigid
dualizing complex over such an algebra A: its existence,
structure and variance properties. We also define and study
perverse A-modules, and show how they are related to the
Auslander property of the rigid dualizing complex of A.

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