Title: Rigidity, Residues and Duality: Overview and Recent Progress
Author: Amnon Yekutieli
Publication status: eprint arXiv:2102.00255v1

Abstract: In this article we explain the theory of rigid residue complexes in commutative algebra and algebraic geometry, summarizing the background, recent results and anticipated future results. Unlike all previous approaches to Grothendiec Duality, the rigid approach concentrates on the construction of rigid residue complexes over rings, and their intricate yet robust properties. The geometrization, i.e. the passage to rigid residue complexes on schemes and Deligne-Mumford (DM) stacks, by gluing, is fairly easy. In the geometric part of the theory, the main results are the Rigid Residue Theorem and the Rigid Duality Theorem for proper maps between schemes, and for tame proper maps between DM stacks.

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