The KAMEA program, Gileadi program, and the so-called Shapira fellowship for initial absorption, intended for employment of repatriate scientists, mainly from the former USSR, have been successful programs for more than 10 years. Although not perfect, these were certainly among the best new immigrant absorption programs ever realized in Israel.

Periodically, future of these programs becomes uncertain. In 2011 KAMEA working conditions were changed for the new scientists joining the program; the Gileadi program has been cancelled. We are going to monitor the situation and make the up-to-date information available. General issues of higher education system in Israel are also of interest to us. Your help is highly appreciated.

Contact addresses: Leonid Prigozhin, Vladimir Sokolovsky



16.11.2015 Will KAMEA Alef return? Newsru (in Russian)

15.06.2014 M. Auslender: In memory of Prof. Beniamin Fain (in Russian); see also here (in Hebrew).

20.07.2011 Knesset Public Petition Committee on discrimination of KAMEA scientists (in Hebrew) IzRus (in Russian) Arutz 7 (in Hebrew)

Complete protocol is here (in Hebrew)

17.06.2011 Ministry of Absorption: KAMEA Bet (in Hebrew) NEW See also (Madan.org.il, in Russian)

10.02.2011 Prime Minister Netanyahus letter to the Association (in Hebrew and Russian)

10.11.2010 20-th anniversary of big aliyah, cabbages and kings (Madan.org.il, in Russian)

25.10.2010 Full budget support to KAMEA program in 2011-12 (in Russian)

The budget has passed the first reading in Knesset, see 2011 2012 (in Hebrew)

22.08.2010 Yu. Steinitz on RTVi and NEWSru (in Russian)

Similar project in Russia: 23.08.10 On scientists and donkeys I. Samakhova (Madan.org.il, in Russian)

18.08.2010 Higher education budget will be increased: Ynet (in English) NEWSru (in Russian) ZMAN.com (in Russian) 7 kanal (video, in Hebrew)

12.08.2010 S. Landver on radio Reka: Full budget for KAMEA in 2011-12 (audio, in Russian) 18.08.10 S. Landver, 9 kanal (video, in Russian)

13.08.10 IzRus, D. Apartsev: 1.37 billion per year to the Ministry of Absorption (in Russian)

Budget cuts and the Economic Arrangements Bill 2011-12:

Knesset shortens the Bill by 40% 13.10.10

Knesset speaker R. Rivlin slams the Bill, 04.08.10: NEWSru (in Russian) Jerusalem Post (in English)

Izrus: 23.07.10 22.07.10 19.07.10 (in Russian) 19.07.10 Haaretz (in English) Madan.org.il (in Russian)

16.07.2010 Government approves the new two-year budget. Here is the part related to new Kamea regulations (in Hebrew).

17.07.10 S. Landver (Mignews, in Russian) 05.07.10 Comments on MADAN.org.il (in Russian)

29.06.2010 KAMEA new rules (a project): 30.06.10 Israelinfo.ru (in Russian) 29.06.10 Ynet (in Hebrew) 04.07.10 NEWSru (in Russian)

14.03.2010 A new program is established to bring home scientists-yordim (in Hebrew)

Haaretz, O. Kashti 14.03.10 (in English) The Marker, T. Zor 24.03.10 (in Hebrew) Zman.com 28.06.10 (in Russian)

10.02.2010 "KAMEA law" proposed by several members of opposition is rejected by 58 votes against 28 (partial protocol and our comment).

05.01.2010 KAMEA in hospitals (information from M. Pavlovsky)

22.12.2009 Knesset Science and Technology Committee discussed the KAMEA program again Protocol (in Hebrew)

M. Solodkin: Radio Reka 22.12.09 (in Russian) Association of Repatriate Scientists: 27.12.09 (in Russian)

02.12.2009 Director General of Prime Minister's Office: Full budget for KAMEA program in 2010

24.11.2009 Demonstration in support of KAMEA

Ynet report (in Hebrew) and also Iranian Press TV (in English): "Angry Israeli scientists protest at budget cuts"

23.11.2009 170 mln more for the Ministry of Absorption

20.10.2009 BGU Faculty Association is ready to conditionally accept KAMEA researchers (compare to this).

BGU administration disagree See also this meek Faculty Association's response

12.10.2009 Knesset Aliya Committee: report of the Min. of Absorption (part of the protocol, in Hebrew)

10.09.2009 Knesset Science and Technology Committee discussed the KAMEA crisis (protocol, in Hebrew)

23-28.08.09 A. Liberman attacks Israel universities in Russian-language mass media: his open letter The whole truth about Kamea is placed in "Новости Недели" and "Вести", "Вести-2" as paid advertisements; at the Russian site of Israel Beitenu; and also at the news sites Strana.co.il, Zman.com, NEWSru.il. Here is an English translation. KAMEA's fate remains as unclear as before, see also this declaration. Association's response and clarification: 05.09.2009 (in Russian)

20.08.2009 Liberman on radio Reka (audio) NEWSru (in Russian)
11.08.2009 First stage of KAMEA destruction started: 140 repatriate scientists (almost third of KAMEA fellows) are to lose their job. The rest will be deprived of their academic status and university staff rights. See the letter from the Ministry of Absorption to Universities of Israel. Compare to this, A. Liberman: 100 days


Information from the Association of Repatriate Scientists of Israel U-ties (in Russian)

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KAMEA crisis 2010: Publications

KAMEA crisis 2009 and beyond: Publications, interviews, etc. Open letters and appeals

KAMEA program: Documents and Government's letters History and Analytics

Forum: 06.08.09 V. Yerukhimovitch (in Hebrew) 24.08.09 E. Kamenetsky (in Russian) 26.11.09 L. Chernin (in Russian)

Links: Portal "Madan", information about science, science in Israel, etc. (including KAMEA)

Y. Censor's site for the rescue of the higher education system in Israel

KAMEA site of Tel Aviv U. Technion repatriate scientists' site

Japanese link (automatic translation) Т. Шаов J Monographs by KAMEA scientists from BGU

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