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Name: Vincent Guingona
Office: 121 Deichmann Bldg. (#58)
Office Hours: By appointment
Email: (last name) (at) math (dot) bgu (dot) ac (dot) il


Greetings! My name is Vincent Guingona and I am a mathematician. Starting Fall 2015, I will be a postdoc at Wesleyan University. Prior to that, I was a postdoc at Ben-Gurion University and a postdoc at the University of Notre Dame. I received my Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Maryland College Park under the direction of Chris Laskowski. My research interests include Model Theory, specifically VC-minimal theories, VC-density, NIP theories, and definability of types. I am also interested in applications of model theory to algebra, combinatorics, and computational learning theory. I did my undergraduate work at the University of Chicago, and I am originally from Western Massachusetts.

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