Fundamentals of Measure Theory (201-1-0081), Fall 2017/18

Lecturer: Ilan Hirshberg
Email address:
Office: Building 58 (Deichmann), room 203.
Office hours: Course policies: The grade is based on a final exam (75%), a midterm (15%) and homework (10%).
In case you have a legitimate and documented reason to miss the midterm, the final exam grade will count instead of the midterm. Late homework will not be accepted. If you have a legitimate and documented reason not to submit a particular homework assignment, the homework component will be based on the other homework assignments which you have submitted.

Midterm: The midterm is scheduled for Friday, 22/12 at 9:00. There could be changes in the date or time - please pay attention to announcements.

Recommended textbook: Folland, Real Analysis.

Problem sets

Submission guidelines: please write each problem on a separate page, and put your name and ID on each page. You will be requested to submit one problem, which will be announced in class. The homework is due in the beginning of class on the due date.

Homework 1 due Monday 6/11.
Homework 2 due Wednesday 22/11.
Homework 3 due Wednesday 29/11.
Homework 4 due Wednesday 6/12.
Homework 5 due Monday 25/12.
Homework 6 due Monday 1/1.
Homework 7 due Monday 15/1.