Amos Altshuler the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 1965.

Thesis: Right and left Cancellation Operations in Order Types.

Ph.D. 1969 at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Thesis: Polyhedral Realization in 3-d of Triangulations of the Torus and 2-manifolds in Convex 4-Polytopes.

Supervisor: Prof. H. Furstenberg.

Main interests: Convex Polytopes, Topological Graph Theory

Recent research students: Gershon Hanoch just completed his Ph.D. on the problem of preassigning links for low-dimensional pseudomanifolds. Ora Adler just completed her M. Sc. thesis on Comparison of Bolyai's and Lobatchevski's approaches to non-Euclidean Geometry.

Selected recent papers

1. Neighborly 2-manifolds with 12 verices. (With Ju. Bokowski and P. Schuchert) J. Comb. Th Ser. A 75 (1996) pp. 15-28.

2. Construction and Representation of Neighborly Manifolds. J. Comb. Th. Ser. A.77 (1997) pp. 246-267.