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   Name          Klin Mikhail H.
   Date and place of birth 		 July 5, 1946
		 Zitomir, the Ukraine 
   Married (since 1983): 		 Wife Inna 
   Daughter: 		 Hana (born in 1997)

M.Sc.  1964-69   Kiev State University
		 Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics
		 Diploma with honour in Mathematics 
  Name of advisor 		 Prof. L. A. Kaluznin 
  Title of thesis 		 On some classes of permutation groups, preserving
Ph.D.   1973-75 		 Kiev State University
		 Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics
  Name of advisor 		 Prof. L. A. Kaluznin (coadvisor L. L. Verbitskii) 
  Title of thesis 		 Investigation of relational algebras invariant under the
		 action of certain classes of permutation groups. 


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(Revised version submitted to Linear Algebra and its Applications.)

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23. P.J.Cameron, M.Giudici, G.A.Jones, W.M.Kantor, M.H.Klin, D.Marusic, L.A.Nowitz. Transitive permutation groups without semiregular subgroups.
To appear in the Journal of the London Mathematical Society.

24. G.Jones, M.Klin, Y.Moshe. Primitivity of permutation groups, coherent algebras and matrices.
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Applications of Burnside rings in combinatorial enumeration: [2], [4], [10].
A new approach to the investigation of maximal and close to maximal subgroups of symmetric groups, which is based on the use of certain Galois correspondences between finite permutation groups and relational algebras: [1], [2], [5], [7].
Theory of finite permutation groups, in particular counting of subdegrees of transitive permutation groups, properties of the k-closure of a permutation group, the investigation of primitive representations of simple groups, and new elementary proofs of some classical results which go back to Burnside, Schur and Wielandt: [1], [2], [5], [7], [10], [16].
New developments of the methods of the theory of Schur rings for the identification of circulant graphs and the description of their symmetry: [2], [3], [8], [9], [22].
Investigation of k-homogeneous and k-isoregular graphs, complete characterization of the absolutely homogeneous graphs: [1], [6].
Theory of the association schemes, in particular introduction and characterization of the amorphic association schemes and Frobenius primitive association schemes: [2], [11], [24].
A novel approach to the use of the methods of computer algebra in algebraic combinatorics, elaboration of a computer package COCO for the computations with coherent configurations: [2], [15].
Discovery of new infinite series and sporadic examples of new strongly regular graphs with certain exceptional properties: [2], [12], [15].
Investigation of directed and undirected graphs with three eigenvalues, new techniques for the construction of such graphs: [18], [19].
Mathematical chemistry, in particular new applications of the methods of algebraic combinatorics and discrete geometry, elaboration of a new approach for the investigation of reaction graphs of highly degenerate rearrangements of chemical compounds: [3], [13], [14].
Elaboration of a more general polynomial version of the Kramer-Mesner matrices for the construction of combinatorial t-designs: [20].
Introduction of amorphic subsets of the n-dimensional cube (a promising generalization of classical binary linear codes): [21].
Putting, long standing promotion and investigation of the so-called Marusic, Jordan and Klin conjecture about 2-closed transitive permutation groups without semiregular subgroups: [23].

(b) Selected articles to be published

1. On the analytical enumeration of circulant graphs. Jointly with V.A.Liskovets and R.Pöschel (in preparation).

2. Authomorphism groups of pm-vertex circulant graphs, p - an odd prime. Jointly with R.Pöschel (in preparation).

3. Enumeration of small partial difference sets. Jointly with A.Heinze (in preparation).

4. Partial difference sets in known and new strongly regular graphs on 100 vertices.
Jointly with L.Joergensen (in preparation).

5. Circulant graphs via S-ring theory. I. Fundamental concepts.
Jointly with M.Muzychuk and A.Woldar (in preparation).

6. Chromatic polynomials and association schemes:
an interplay between two well-known approaches in algebraic graph theory.
Jointly with Ch. Pech (in preparation).

8. Normally regular digraphs and association schemes with three classes.
Jointly with L.Lörgensen, G.Jones and S.Y.Song (in preparation).

9. Some implications on amorphic association schemes.
Jointly with E.van Dam and M.Muzychuk (in preparation).

10. Coherent algebras and association schemes. A gentle introduction. Jointly with G.Tinhofer and A.Woldar (in preparation).

11. Enumeration of vertex transitive association schemes and graphs. Jointly with F.Fiedler and C.Pech (in preparation).

12. On 4-isoregular graphs. II. 4-isoregularity of the McLaughlin graph.
Jointly with A.Woldar (paper in progress).

13. A strongly regular graph on 120 vertices via seven-point Fano plane.
Jointly with G.Jones and E.K.Lloyd (paper in progress).

14. Lattice of 2-closed overgroups of the exponentiation in symmetric group S2n.
Jointly with M.Muzychuk and V.A.Ustimenko (paper in progress).

15. Group-theoretical approach to the investigation of reaction graphs
of highly degenerate rearrangements of chemical compounds. III. Automorphism groups.
Jointly with M.Muzychuk (paper in progress).

(a) Selected research projects in progress

1. Introduction to algebraic combinatorics (book in English).
Jointly with R.Pöschel (Dresden) and A.Woldar (Villanova), 1996-2003.

2. Graph-theoretical approach to chemical crystallography.
Jointly with J.Bernstein (Beer-Sheva) and G.Jones (Southampton), 1998-2004.

3. Coherent algebras, association schemes, Schur rings and symmetry of graphs.
A collection of scientific papers. (M.Klin and A.Woldar, editors.), 1998-2002.

4. Strongly regular graphs with 4-condition.
Jointly with M.Meszka (Krakow), S.Reichard (Newark) and A.Rosa (Hamilton), 2001-2003.

(a) Links to research collaborators

Norman Biggs
Andries Brouwer
Peter Cameron
Edwin van Dam
Aiso Heinze
Sasha Ivanov
Reinhard Laue
Felix Lazebnik
Akihiro Munemasa
Mikhail Muzychuk
Christian Pech
Reinhard Pöschel
Sven Reichard
Gottfried Tinhofer
Andy Woldar

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