Kyle Austin

Postdoctoral Researcher
Ben-Gurion University Mathematics Department,
Beer-Sheva, Israel
Office 301 Deichmann Building for Mathematics
E-Mail ksaustin88 at gmail

About Me


  1. Relationship between Groupoid Property (T), Geometric Property (T), and Relative Property (T) for C*-algebras . Work in Progress.
  2. (with A. Mitra) Geometric Groupoid Models of the Jiang-Su, Razak-Jacelon, and Other C*-Algebras . Work in Progress.
  3. (with M. Georgescu) Inverse Systems of Groupoids, with Applications to Groupoid C*-algebras. submitted.
  4. (with J. Dydak and M. Holloway) Scale Structures and C*-algebras .
  5. (with Z. Virk) Higson Compactification and Dimension Raising .
  6. (with Z. Virk) Coarse Metric Approximation .
  7. Discreteness and Large Scale Surjections .
  8. (with J. Dydak) Partitions of Unity and Coverings .

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