Pictures from the conference in honour of my 60th birthday.

Taken at an outing to Speyer.

Dimma Arov and John Baras.

Rudy Kalman and Roger Brockett.

The Kalmans at the Speyer cathedral.

John Baras.

Frank Callier.

Roger Brockett.

Malo Hautus.

Hector Sussmann.

Ullrich Oberst.

Thanos Antoulas.

Hans Schneider.

John Baras and Krishna.

Micha Heymann.

Nilly Fuhrmann and Hector Sussmann.

Hans Schumacher.

Allan Tannenbaum.

Eva Zerz.

Jan Willems.

Raimund Ober.

Anna-Maria Perdon.

Bill Helton.

Bill Helton and Micha Heymann.

Uwe Helmke the week after the conference.