Shai Shechter

About Me

I am a Math student at Ben-Gurion University in Be'er Sheva, Israel. My CV is available here.

I'm interested mainly in representation theory, mostly of arithmetic groups and their local completions and in subjects relating to representation growth.

My Ph.D. advisor is Uri Onn.


I am currently a teaching assistant of Discrete Mathematics. Tutorial notes are available here.

In previous years I acted as a teaching assistant of Algebra for CS and math and Calculus courses for engineering, as well as a lecturer of pre-Calculus for high school teachers.

Research papers

Published or accepted for publication

  • Enumerating traceless matrices over compact discrete valuation rings ,
       Joint with A. Carnevale and C. Voll, to appear in Israel J.Math. (2018)   (Journal , arXiv).
  • Characters of the norm-one units of local-division algebras of prime degree ,
      J. Algebra 471 (2017), 134-165    (Journal , arXiv).


  • Regular characters of classical groups over complete discrete valuation rings ,
Slides from research and general talks are available here.
  • Office: 210, building 58
  • Office hours:
      Sunday 16-17
      Thursday 11-12
  • E-mail: shais at post dot bgu dot ac dot il