Ahuva C. Shkop
Adjunct Lecturer

Office: 315
Office Phone: 7-7816
Email: shkopa@math.bgu.ac.il

OFFICE HOURS FALL 2013: Tuesdays 6-8pm, Building 72 Rooms 122 and 110

My c.v. is available here.

Research Interests

Model theory and applications to exponential algebra. My thesis is titled "On Pseudoexponentiation and Schanuel's Conjecture". My thesis is available here


  • Henson and Rubel's Theorem for Zilber's Pseudoexponentiation (arXiv)
  • Schanuel's Conjecture and Algebraic Roots of Exponential Polynomials (Preliminary version)
  • Real Closed Exponential Subfields of Pseudoexponential Fields (arXiv)

    Introduction to Logic and Set Theory- מבוא ללוגיקה ותורת הקבוצות

    Linear algebra for EE אלגברה לינארית להנדסת חשמל

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