William Chen

Portrait of William Chen
Postdoctoral Fellow
Ben-Gurion University Mathematics Department, Box 44,
Beer-Sheva, Israel
Office 301 Deichmann Building for Mathematics
E-Mail chenwb at gmail

About Me


  1. (with G. Galgon) Antichains, the stick principle, and a matching number. submitted.
  2. (with S. Garti and T. Weinert) Cardinal characteristics of the continuum and partitions. submitted.
  3. Variations of the stick principle. European Journal of Mathematics (2017) 3 (3): 650-658. Journal
  4. (with C. Scaduto) Nilpotency in instanton homology, and the framed instanton homology of a surface times a circle. accepted to Advances in Mathematics. Journal
  5. (with I. Neeman) On the relationship between mutual and tight stationarity. submitted.
  6. Tight stationarity and tree-like scales. Annals of Pure and Applied Logic (2015) 166 (10): 1019-1036. Journal
  7. (with I. Neeman) Square principles with tail-end agreement. Archive for Mathematical Logic (2015) 54 3-4: 439-452. Journal
  8. (with C.Y. Ku) An analogue of the Gallai-Edmonds Structure Theorem for non-zero roots of the matching polynomial.
    Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B (2010), 100 (2), 119-127. Journal
  9. (with T. Schedler) Concrete and abstract structure of the sandpile group for thick trees with loops.

Other writing

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  3. The framed instanton homology of a surface times a circle
  4. Cov vs. pp notes (from my lectures at UCI Set Theory summer school 2016)
  5. Some Results on Tight Stationarity (thesis)