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Travel to Ein Gedi

Conference transportation

We will have two conference shuttles leaving from Ben-Gurion Airport. They will leave at 14:30 and 18:00 on Sunday March 12th 2017. And have one stop in the main entrance to the Hebrew university (Givat-Ram campus) about half an hour later.

Getting there by car

The conference will take place in Ein-Gedi hotel in Kibutz Ein-Gedi near the dead sea. Here is the google map of the drive from the airport to the hotel.

Getting by public trnasport

There are several regular busses going to Ein-Gedi

Getting there by Taxi

Taxies from the airport to Ein-Gedi are quite expensive (around 900 NIS). If you cannot arrive in time for one of the shuttles we recommend contacting the organizers.

Getting back from Ein-Gedi

There will be two shuttles going back from Ein-Gedi to the Airport via Jerusalem. One Thrusday around 17:00 after the lectures and one Friday around 11:00.