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Travel to Sde-Boker

Conference transportation

We will have two conference shuttles leaving from "Be'er-Sheva North/University" train station to Sde-Boker. They will leave at 14:35 and 17:50 on Sunday May 22nd 2016. There are regular trains going to this station from Tel-Aviv. To get there from the airport: you would usually have to take the train to Tel-Aviv and change to a Be'er-Sheva bound train after one stop. There are occasional direct trains from the airport to Be'er Sheva but they are very infrequent, don't wait for one if you didn't check beforehand exactly when it is coming. Here is a link to the Israeli railway website where you can find the trains schedules. If the trains that are due to arrive at 14:21 and 17:41 respectively will be late the shuttles will wait for them. Please indicate in the registration form if you plan to take one of these shuttles. This will ensure that there will be enough space for you. If you do not know this information at the time of registration, or if you cannot make it to either shuttle, please send an e-mail to the organizers as soon as your travel plans are finalized. We can reserve a place on either shuttle, or help arrange for alternative transportation.

Getting there by car

The conference will take place in "Midrashat Sde-Boker" which is not the same as the Kibutz "Sde-Boker". The former is about 3.5km to the south of the latter. Both are along highway 40. Here is the google map of the way from Be'er Sheva but be warned: even though the line looks straight this highway turns in a few junctions along the way.

Getting by public trnasport

Here are the timetables for bus 60 and bus 64 going from Be'er-Sheva central bus station (platform 19) to Mitzpe-Ramon. Unfortunately these schedules are available only in Hebrew. They detail the departure times from the first station in Be'er Sheva central bus station according to weekdays. STARTING FROM THE RIGHT you have Sunday, Monday, ... , Saturday. Note that busses stop at noon on Friday and resume only at night on Saturday. Both busses have a stop near "Midreshet Sde-Boker". Be sure to tell the driver where you are going and have them tell you where to disembark. Be'er Sheva central bus station is of course accessible from Tel-Aviv or Jerusalem by busses. It is also close to the Be'er-Sheva central train station and hence accessible from Tel-Aviv by train too. Note that there are two train stations in Be'er-Sheva, the central train station s not the same as the university station where the shuttles will leave.

Getting there by Taxi

We can order taxis at reduced prices as follows: If you would like a taxi I would recommend doing this through the conference as taking a taxi directly from the airport would probably cost 30%-50% more.

Getting back from Sde-Boker

There will be a shuttle going back from Sde-Boker to Be'er sheva at 11:30 on Friday. This bus will bring you in time to take the direct train leaving Be'er Sheva university station at 12:35 and arriving in the airport 13:36.