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Randomness is very hard to achieve. Order keeps creeping in when you're not looking.

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that's me on the left

i'm a proffesor at the department of mathematics, Ben-Gurion university of the negev.


i am interested in probabilistic processes and their relations to geometric and algebraic properties of groups.

online publications (arXiv)

harmonic functions on groups


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random walks

notes from 2016

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notes from 2013

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measure theory

course notes

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course notes (201-1-8001)

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contact information

best to contact me by email: firstname.lastname at

my office is in building 58 (math), room 114

office phone number: 61617

BGU PET seminar

we welcome suggestions for speakers at the BGU Probability & Ergodic Theory (=PET) seminar. to suggest a speaker please contact Yaar Solomon or myself.

BGU PET seminar page

teaching committee

student inquiries addressed to the teaching committee should be sent to Mrs. Irit Natania. any application should include a letter detailing the request, student's current grade sheet, and any other relevant documentation.

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