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Prof. Amnon Yekutieli


  1. Dualizing Complexes over Noncommutative Graded Algebras

  2. An Explicit Construction of the Grothendieck Residue Complex

  3. Canonical Deformations of De Rham Complexes

  4. On Residue Complexes, Dualizing Sheaves and Local Cohomology Modules (with P. Sastry)

  5. Traces and Differential Operators over Beilinson Completion Algebras

  6. Residues and Differential Operators on Schemes

  7. Adeles and differential forms (with R. Hubl)

  8. Adelic Chern Forms and Applications (with R. Hubl)

  9. Adelic Chern Forms and the Bott Residue Formula (Survey)

  10. The Residue Complex of a Noncommutative Graded Algebra

  11. Some Remarks on Beilinson Adeles

  12. Smooth Formal Embeddings

  13. Serre Duality for Noncommutative Projective Schemes (with J.J. Zhang)

  14. The Action of Adeles on the Residue Complex

  15. Dualizing complexes, Morita equivalence and the derived Picard group of a ring

  16. Rings with Auslander Dualizing Complexes (with J.J. Zhang)

  17. The Rigid Dualizing Complex of a Universal Enveloping Algebra

  18. Derived Picard Groups of Finite Dimensional Hereditary Algebras (with J. Miyachi)

  19. The Derived Picard Group and Representations of Quivers

  20. The Continuous Hochschild Cochain Complex of a Scheme

  21. The Derived Picard Group is a Locally Algebraic Group

  22. Residue Complexes over Noncommutative Rings (with J.J. Zhang)

  23. Dualizing Complexes and Tilting Complexes over Simple Rings (with J.J. Zhang)

  24. The Continuous Hochschild Cochain Complex of a Scheme (Survey)

  25. On the Structure of Behaviors

  26. Dualizing Complexes and Perverse Sheaves on Noncommutative Ringed Schemes (with J.J. Zhang)

  27. Dualizing Complexes and Perverse Modules over Differential Algebras (with J.J. Zhang)

  28. Multiplicities of Indecomposable Injectives (with J.J. Zhang)

  29. Deformation Quantization in Algebraic Geometry

  30. Rigid Dualizing Complexes on Schemes (with J.J. Zhang)

  31. Homological Transcendence Degree (with J.J. Zhang)

  32. Continuous and Twisted L_infinity Morphisms

  33. Mixed Resolutions and Simplicial Sections

  34. An Averaging Process for Unipotent Group Actions

  35. Rigid Dualizing Complexes over Commutative Rings (with J.J. Zhang)

  36. Rigid Complexes via DG Algebras (with J.J. Zhang)

  37. Rigid Dualizing Complexes via Differential Graded Algebras (Survey)

  38. Central Extensions of Gerbes

  39. Twisted Deformation Quantization of Algebraic Varieties (Survey)

  40. On Flatness and Completion for Infinitely Generated Modules over Noetherian Rings

  41. Twisted Deformation Quantization of Algebraic Varieties

  42. Derived Equivalences Between Associative Deformations

  43. Nonabelian Multiplicative Integration on Surfaces

  44. On the Homology of Completion and Torsion (with M. Porta and L. Shaul)

  45. MC Elements in Pronilpotent DG Lie Algebras

  46. Combinatorial Descent Data for Gerbes

  47. Completion by Derived Double Centralizer (with M. Porta and L. Shaul)

  48. Cohomologically Cofinite Complexes (with M. Porta and L. Shaul)

  49. Deformations of Affine Varieties and the Deligne Crossed Groupoid

  50. A Separated Cohomologically Complete Module is Complete

  51. A Course on Derived Categories

  52. Introduction to Derived Categories

  53. Duality and Tilting for Commutative DG Rings

  54. Local Beilinson-Tate Operators

  55. Another Proof of a Theorem of Van den Bergh about Graded-Injective Modules

  56. The Squaring Operation for Commutative DG Rings

  57. Flatness and Completion Revisited

  58. Weak Proregularity, Weak Stability, and the Noncommutative MGM Equivalence (with R. Vyas)

  59. The Derived Category of Sheaves of Commutative DG Rings (Preview)

  60. Derived Categories (book)

  61. Weak Proregularity, Derived Completion, Adic Flatness, and Prisms

  62. Rigidity, Residues and Duality: Overview and Recent Progress

  63. Pythagorean Triples, Complex Numbers, Abelian Groups and Prime Numbers

  64. Rings of Bounded Continuous Functions

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