photo Prof. Ilan Hirshberg
Ph.D, 2003, University of California at Berkeley (Advisor: Bill Arveson)

Research interests: C*-algebras.

Contact information

Department of Mathematics
Ben Gurion University of the Negev
P.O.B. 653
Be'er Sheva 84105
Office: Room 203, Deichmann Building (58).
Office phone number: +972-8-6477860

Publications and preprints

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  • Ilan Hirshberg and N. Christopher Phillips, A simple nuclear C*-algebra with an internal asymmetry, to appear, Anal. PDE , ArXiv
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  • Ilan Hirshberg and N. Christopher Phillips, Radius of comparison and mean cohomological independence dimension, ArXiv, to appear, Adv. Math.

Teaching (2021/22)

First semester:

Second semester: