Dynamical systems and Ergodic theory

Group Members

Research Interests
Dr. Yair Hartman

Random walks on groups, Geometric Group Theory, Ergodic Theory and Operator Algebras

Markov chains and Random walks and Ergodic Theory towards Szemerdi’s Theorem
Dr. Yaar Solomon

Discrete Geometry, Combinatorics, Dynamical Systems, Ergodic Theory, Diophantine Approximations, Computational Geometry

Graph Theory and Linear Algebra for Electrical Engineering 2
Prof. Izhar Oppenheim

Geometric Group theory, Expander graphs and High Dimensional Expanders, Coarse geometry

Dr. Shrey Sanadhya

Ergodic theory, dynamical systems and related topics.

Dr. Tattwamasi Amrutam

I work in the intersection between group dynamics and operator algebras. Most of my PhD work was devoted to understanding the structure of the crossed product structure.

Here are some(or all) of my publications:

  1. Generalized Powers’ averaging for Commutative crossed products., to appear in Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, preprint available at arXiv:2101.02853 ; (Joint with Dan Ursu).

  2. On Intermediate C-subalgebras of C-simple Group Actions, International Mathematics Research Notices, Volume 2021, Issue 21, November 2021, Pages 16191–16202, https://doi.org/10.1093/imrn/rnz291, preprint available at arXiv:1811.11381.

  3. On simplicity of intermediate C*-algebras, Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems, 40(12), 3181-3187. doi:10.1017/etds.2019.34 ; (Joint with Mehrdad Kalantar)

Prof. Tom Meyerovitch

Ergodic theory and dynamical systems,  in particular symbolic dynamics and related aspects of probability theory. 

Prof. Yair Glasner

Geometric groups theory, Locally compact groups and their lattices, Invariant random subgroups, Permutation groups, Expanding graphs.

Algebra 2 for CS and Approximation Theory
Emeritus Prof Daniel Berend

Applied Probability, Combinatorial Optimization, Number Theory.