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Regular Faculty

photo of Prof. Amnon Besser Prof. Amnon Besser PureOrcidScopusMathscinet 212 77861
photo of Dr. Michael Brandenbursky Dr. Michael Brandenbursky PureOrcidScopusMathscinet 306 77805
Prof. Nina Chernyavskaya(*) PureOrcidScopusWeb of Science 307 77810
photo of Dr. David  Corwin Dr. David Corwin PureScopusMathscinet 215/58 6461615
photo of Dr. Ishai Dan-Cohen Dr. Ishai Dan-Cohen PureOrcidScopusMathscinet 214 77862
photo of Dr. Daniel Disegni Dr. Daniel Disegni PureOrcidScopusWeb of ScienceMathscinet 108 61603
photo of Prof. Chen Dubi Prof. Chen Dubi Mathscinet
Prof. Ido Efrat PureOrcidScopusWeb of ScienceMathscinet 106 61627
photo of Dr. Inna  Entova-Aizenbud Dr. Inna Entova-Aizenbud PureOrcidGoogle ScholarScopusWeb of ScienceMathscinet 312
Dr. Saak Gabriyelyan PureOrcidScopusMathscinet 315 77816
photo of Prof. Yair Glasner Prof. Yair Glasner PureOrcidScopusMathscinet 205 77877
Dr. Gili Golan PureOrcidScopusMathscinet 302 77801
photo of Prof. Nadya Gurevich Prof. Nadya Gurevich PureOrcidScopusMathscinet 110 77849
photo of Dr. Yair Hartman Dr. Yair Hartman PureOrcidGoogle ScholarScopusarXivMathscinet 207 72717
photo of Prof. Assaf Hasson Prof. Assaf Hasson PureOrcidScopusWeb of ScienceMathscinet 204 77814
photo of Prof. Ilan Hirshberg Prof. Ilan Hirshberg PureGoogle ScholarScopusMathscinet 203 77860
photo of Dr. Moshe Kamensky Dr. Moshe Kamensky PureOrcidGoogle ScholarScopusWeb of SciencearXivMathscinet 104 61616
photo of Prof. Dmitry Kerner Prof. Dmitry Kerner PureOrcidScopusMathscinet 217 61606
photo of Prof. Menachem Kojman Prof. Menachem Kojman PureOrcidScopusMathscinet 111 61549
photo of Prof. Arkady Leiderman Prof. Arkady Leiderman(*) PureOrcidScopus 308 77811
Prof. Michael Levin PureOrcidScopusMathscinet 216 61652
Dr. Daniel Markiewicz PureOrcidScopusMathscinet 206 61614
photo of Prof. Tom Meyerovitch Prof. Tom Meyerovitch PureOrcidScopusWeb of ScienceMathscinet 313 77651
Prof. Mikhail Muzychuk(*) PureOrcidScopus 305 77805
photo of Prof. Izhar Oppenheim Prof. Izhar Oppenheim PureOrcidGoogle ScholarScopusWeb of ScienceMathscinet 316 77817
photo of Prof. Fedor Pakovich Prof. Fedor Pakovich PureOrcidScopusMathscinet 310 77815
photo of Prof. Ronen Peretz Prof. Ronen Peretz PureOrcidScopusMathscinet 309 72712
Prof. Arkady Poliakovsky PureOrcidScopusMathscinet 314 79760
photo of Prof. Eitan Sayag Prof. Eitan Sayag PureOrcidScopusMathscinet 107 72713
photo of Dr. Eli Shamovich Dr. Eli Shamovich PureOrcidScopusMathscinet 102 61612
photo of Dr. Yaar  Solomon Dr. Yaar Solomon PureOrcidScopusWeb of ScienceMathscinet 317 77883
photo of Prof. Ilya Tyomkin Prof. Ilya Tyomkin PureOrcidGoogle ScholarScopusWeb of SciencearXivMathscinet 213 61694
photo of Prof. Alexander Ukhlov Prof. Alexander Ukhlov(*) PureOrcidScopus 305 77804
Prof. Victor Vinnikov PureOrcidScopusMathscinet 103 61618
photo of Prof. Ariel Yadin Prof. Ariel Yadin PureOrcidScopusWeb of ScienceMathscinet 114 61617
photo of Prof. Amnon Yekutieli Prof. Amnon Yekutieli PureOrcidScopusWeb of ScienceMathscinet 202 77516
Prof. Boris Zaltzman PureOrcidScopusMathscinet 211 61607

Emeritus and Retired Faculty

Emeritus Prof Uri Abraham PureScopus 37/204 72711
Emeritus Prof Amos Altshuler PureScopus 116 77851
Prof. Mark Ayzenberg-Stepanenko(*) PureScopusWeb of Science -119 77803
Emeritus Prof Genrich Belitskii PureScopus 116 77851
photo of Emeritus Prof Daniel Berend Emeritus Prof Daniel Berend PureOrcidScopusMathscinet 37/213 61605
photo of Prof. Leonid Berezansky Prof. Leonid Berezansky(*) 304 77805
Prof. Michael Braverman(*) PureScopus 302 77801
photo of Emeritus Prof Miriam Cohen Emeritus Prof Miriam Cohen PureOrcidScopus 115 61611
Prof. Gregory Derfel(*) PureScopus 307 77810
Emeritus Prof Theodore Eisenberg PureScopus מינוס 102 77800
Emeritus Prof Avraham Feintuch PureScopus 105 61613
Emeritus Prof Vladimir Fonf PureOrcidScopus 113 77850
Emeritus Prof Paul Fuhrmann PureScopus מינוס 102 77800
Prof. Michael Gil(*) -- --
photo of Emeritus Prof Vladimir Gol'dshtein Emeritus Prof Vladimir Gol’dshtein PureScopus 112 61620
Dr. Alexander Kaganovich(*) PureScopus 30/111 77557
photo of Prof. Michael Klin Prof. Michael Klin(*) PureScopus 308 77811
photo of Emeritus Prof Michael Lin Emeritus Prof Michael Lin PureOrcidScopus 209 61621
photo of Prof. Ruvim Lipyanski Prof. Ruvim Lipyanski(*) Scopus 303 77802
Emeritus Prof Alexander Markus PureScopus 312 77853
Prof. Gregory Mashevitsky(*) PureScopus 304 77803
Prof. Leonid Prigozhin PureScopus 303 77802
photo of Prof. Yitzchak Rubinstein Prof. Yitzchak Rubinstein PureScopus 211 61607
Prof. Ben Zion Rubshtein(*) PureScopus 302 77801
photo of Emeritus Prof Yoav Segev Emeritus Prof Yoav Segev PureOrcidScopus 215 61615
photo of Emeritus Prof Rathindra Nath Sen Emeritus Prof Rathindra Nath Sen 116 77851
Emeritus Prof Vadim Tkachenko PureScopus 312 77853

In Memoriam

Prof. Yitshak Chaikovsky

Prof. Gedalia Eilam

Emeritus Prof Eliyahu Gertsbakh

Prof. Naftaly Kravitsky

Dr. Elhanan Leibowitz

Prof. Moshe Livsic

Prof. Michael Lomonosov

Prof. Matatyahu Rubin

Emeritus Prof Jesse Shapiro

Prof. Vladimir Shevelev

Prof. Ze'ev Vaksman


  • People marked with (*) are supported by the KAMEA Program
  • From abroad, dial +972-8-64x-xxxx. In Israel, dial 08-64-x-xxxx.
  • The mail domain is, unless explicitly shown otherwise
  • All offices are in the Deichman (58) building unless denoted differently, e.g. Building number/213.