Mr. David Sasson Scholars@BGU 111-
Ms. Marina Bershadsky Scholars@BGU
Mr. Ofer Ginzborg Scholars@BGU 109-
Mr. Gal Amram Scholars@BGU
Dr. Yosef Strauss Scholars@BGU 109-
Mr. Robert Gutsman Scholars@BGU
Dr. Irena Lerman Scholars@BGU מינוס 110 77830
Ms. Oxana Kravets Scholars@BGU 109-
Dr. Stewart Smith Scholars@BGU 109- smith
Dr. Natalia Gulko Scholars@BGU 108-
Ms. Anna Vladimirsky Scholars@BGU 111-
Ms. Yulia Shramkov Scholars@BGU 111-
Mr. Yakim Silverman Scholars@BGU 109-
Dr. Dvora Peretz Scholars@BGU -108
Dr. Yonah Maissel Scholars@BGU 58/218 77881
Ms. Marina Rapaport Scholars@BGU 110-
Ms. Stela Golob Scholars@BGU -127
Dr. Dennis Gulko Scholars@BGU
Mr. Amit Shamrat Scholars@BGU 109-
Ms. Luba Mashinski Scholars@BGU 111-
Ms. Tatyana Yashuk Scholars@BGU 110-
Mr. Victor Nicolaevsky Scholars@BGU 111-
Mr. Mark Shechter Scholars@BGU 109-
Dr. Leonid Helmer Scholars@BGU 10 77812
Dr. Matan Ziv-Av Scholars@BGU -123
Mr. Alexander Pikovsky Scholars@BGU 111-
Mr. Dor Elimelech Scholars@BGU
Dr. Ahuva Shkop Scholars@BGU מינוס 110 77816
Mr. Ori Peled Scholars@BGU 62/38
Ms. Nina Gurevich Scholars@BGU 110-
Mr. Yotam Dikstein Scholars@BGU
Mr. Michael Chapman Scholars@BGU 62/38
Ms. Yonit David Scholars@BGU
Mr. Oleg Khasanov Scholars@BGU 119-
Mr. Alexander Vernik Scholars@BGU 101
Ms. Maya Stemmer Scholars@BGU
Dr. Avi Goren Scholars@BGU 110-
Dr. Luba Sapir Scholars@BGU 109-
Dr. Yana Cherkinsky Scholars@BGU 10 77812
Mr. Yoav Tal Scholars@BGU -120
Ms. Shir Cohen Scholars@BGU
Dr. Adam Dor-On Scholars@BGU
Mr. Gurion Amir Scholars@BGU -119
Mr. Dor Harush Scholars@BGU 62/38
Mr. Igor Portnov Scholars@BGU
Dr. Dror Kaufman Scholars@BGU
Mr. Eli Bergel Scholars@BGU 111-
Mr. Shay wyborski Scholars@BGU
Mr. Aviv Taller Livne Scholars@BGU
Ms. Zoller Roni Scholars@BGU
Mr. Yarden Sharabi Scholars@BGU
Ms. Albina Khaytin Scholars@BGU 110-
Mr. Yonatan Yehezkeally Scholars@BGU בניין 33 (חשמל) חדר 116 טקסט: משוב:
Dr. Natalia Karpivnik Scholars@BGU 10
Dr. Noa Eidelstein Scholars@BGU 111-
Ms. Efrat Avraham Scholars@BGU -120
Mr. Stav Ashor Scholars@BGU 109-/37
Mr. Or Shwartzman Scholars@BGU 62/38
Ms. Tamar Pundik Scholars@BGU 111-


  • From abroad, dial +972-8-64x-xxxx. In Israel, dial 08-64-x-xxxx.
  • The mail domain is, unless explicitly shown otherwise
  • All offices are in the Deichman (58) building unless denoted differently, e.g. Building number/213.