Amnon Yekutieli (BGU)

Monday, March 27, 2023, 12:10 – 13:10, -101


Let $B/A$ be a pair of commutative rings. We propose an algebraic approach to the cotangent complex $L_{B/A}$. Using commutative semi-free DG ring resolutions of B relative to A, we construct a complex of $B$-modules $LCot_{B/A}$. This construction works more generally for a pair $B/A$ of commutative DG rings.

In the talk we will explain all these concepts. Then we will discuss the important properties of the DG $B$-module $LCot_{B/A}$. It time permits, we’ll outline some of the proofs.

It is conjectured that for a pair of rings $B/A$, our $LCot_{B/A}$ coincides with the usual cotangent complex $L_{B/A}$, which is constructed by simplicial methods. We shall also relate $LCot_{B/A}$ to modern homotopical versions of the cotangent complex.