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  1. Real numbers (axiomatic theory). Supremum and Infimum of a set. Existence of an n-th root for any a > 0. 2. Convergent sequences, subsequences, Cauchy sequences. The Bolzano-Weierstrass theorem. Upper and lower limits. 3. Series. Partial sums, convergent and divergent series, Cauchy criterion. Series of non-negative terms. The root and the ratio tests. Series of arbitrary terms. Dirichlet, Leibnitz, and Abel theorems. Rearrangements of series. The Riemann Theorem. 4. The limit of a function. Continuous functions. Continuity of the elementary functions. Properties of functions continuous on a closed interval. Uniformly continuous functions. Cantor?s theorem. 5. The derivative of a function. Mean value theorems. Derivatives of higher order. L’Hospital’s rule. Taylor’s theorem.

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