Introduction to partial differential equations

  • The first order equations: a linear equation, a quasilinear equation, resolving the initial value problem by the method of characteristic curves.
  • Classification of the second order equations: elliptic, hyperbolic and parabolic equations, exam- ples of Laplace, Wave and Heat equations.
  • Elliptic equations: Laplace and Poisson?s equations, Dirichlet and Neumann boundary value problems, Poisson’s kernel, Green’s functions, properties of harmonic functions, Maximum principle.
  • Analytical methods for resolving partial differential equations: Sturm-Liouville problem and the method of separation of variables for bounded domains, applications for Laplace, Wave and Heat equations including non-homogenous problems. Applications of Fourier and Laplace transforms for resolving problems in unbounded domains.
  • Heat equation: initial value problem in unbounded domain, basic formula for the solution, initial-boundary value problems in bounded domains, Maximum principle.
  • Wave equation: Dalamber formula, non-homogenous equation, Wave equation in higher dimensions. If time permits: Legendre polynomials and spherical functions.
  • Pinchover Y.; Rubinstein J. Introduction to partial differential equations (in Hebrew), Department of mathematics, Technion, 2011
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