Corona update

All physical activity is suspended until further notice, due to Covid19. Some activites may take place virtually, please be in touch with organisers.

This page list all events and seminars that take place in the department this week. Please use the form below to choose a different week or date range.

Arithmetic applications of o-minimality

O-minimal GAGA Online

Mar 2, 10:10—12:00, 2021, online


Amnon Besser (BGU)


We will start reading the paper O-minimal GAGA and a conjecture of Griffiths

Jerusalem - Be'er Sheva Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Uniqueness of enhancements for derived and geometric categories Online

Mar 3, 15:00—16:30, 2021,


Paolo Stellari (Università degli Studi di Milano)


In this talk we address several open questions and generalize the existing results about the uniqueness of enhancements for triangulated categories which arise as derived categories of abelian categories or from geometric contexts. If time permits, we will also discuss applications to the description of exact equivalences. This is joint work with A. Canonaco and A. Neeman.

BGU Probability and Ergodic Theory (PET) seminar

TBA Online

Mar 4, 11:10—12:00, 2021, Online

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