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Oct 16, 14:30-15:30, 2018, Math -101


Faculty meeting


“Poles of the Standard L-function and Functorial Lifts for G2” expanded, part I

Oct 17, 15:10-16:25, 2018, -101


Avner Segal (Bar Ilan)


This is part 1 of the speaker’s talk from last semester, expanded into a two-part series.

The functoriality conjecture is a key ingredient in the theory of automorphic forms and the Langlands program. Given two reductive groups G and H, the principle of functoriality asserts that a map r:G^->H^ between their dual complex groups should naturally give rise to a map r*:Rep(G)->Rep(H) between their automorphic representations. In this talk, I will describe the idea of functoriality, its connection to L-functions and recent work on weak functorial lifts to the exceptional group of type G_2.

BGU Probability and Ergodic Theory (PET) seminar

Quasi-isometry classes of simple groups

Oct 18, 11:00-12:00, 2018, -101


Rachel Skipper (Georg-August-University, Göttingen)


We will consider a class of groups defined by their action on Cantor space and use the invariant of finiteness properties to find among these groups an infinite family of quasi-isometry classes of finitely presented simple groups.

This is a joint work with Stefan Witzel and Matthew C. B. Zaremsky.

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