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All physical activity is suspended until further notice, due to Covid19. Some activites may take place virtually, please be in touch with organisers.

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Arithmetic applications of o-minimality

Étale descent and definabilization

May 18, 10:10—12:00, 2021, online


Moshe Kamensky (BGU)


We will go over sections 2.4 and 2.5 of the paper

Jerusalem - Be'er Sheva Algebraic Geometry Seminar

TBA Online

May 19, 15:00—16:30, 2021,

BGU Probability and Ergodic Theory (PET) seminar

Random walks on tori and an application to normality of numbers in self-similar sets. Online

May 20, 11:10—12:00, 2021, Online


Yiftach Dayan (Technion)


We show that under certain conditions, random walks on a d-dim torus by affine expanding maps have a unique stationary measure. We then use this result to show that given an IFS of contracting similarity maps of the real line with a uniform contraction ratio 1/D, where D is some integer > 1, under some suitable condition, almost every point in the attractor of the given IFS (w.r.t. a natural measure) is normal to base D. (Joint work with Arijit Ganguly and Barak Weiss.)

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