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Group Members

Research Interests
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Prof. Daniel Alpay
  • Quaternionic analysis. Function theory on Riemann surfaces. Linear system theory
  • Infinite dimensional analysis, Hida’s white noise space, Gaussian processes
Prof. Daniel Berend

Applied Probability, Combinatorial Optimization, Number Theory.

Mathematical Statistics 1
Prof. Michael Braverman

Stochastic processes, characterization problems of statistics, theory of function spaces.

Emeritus Prof Michael Lin

Ergodic theory, Markov operators

Prof. Ben Zion Rubshtein

Ergodic theory and dynamical systems, operator algebra, random processes.

Dr. Sieye Ryu

Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory

Emeritus Prof Jesse Shapiro

Probability and statistics

Prof. Ariel Yadin

Probability: random walks, interacting particle systems, discrete analysis. Geometric group theory: spaces of harmonic functions on groups, random walks on groups, boundaries.