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Experiments on mechanics: measurement of density and calculation of errors, Impulse and momentum, moment inertia, angular momentum, harmonic oscillations. Experiments on electricity and magnetism: oscilloscope, conductivity, magnetic force. Experiments on waves: wave propagation, Doppler effect, geometrical optics. Heat and fluids: surface tension, thermocouple. All students must perform 10-12 experiments and submit report on 5 of them. There will be exam on all the experiments. Sources: Sears F.W., Zemansky M.W., Young H.D., College physics, 7 ed., Addison-Wesley,Reading MA 1990; QC 23.S369 1990 Sears F.W.: Optics, 3rd ed., Addison-Wesley, Reading MA 1949; QC 355.S45 1949 Halliday D, Resnick R, Krane K S, Physics, vol. 2, 4 ed., Wiley, New York 1992; QC21.2.H355 1992b

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