Corona update

All physical activity is suspended until further notice, due to Covid19. Some activites may take place virtually, please be in touch with organisers.

AGNT Ical Atom Pdf

Wednesday 15:00 – 16:15 , -101

A venue for invited and local speakers to present their research on topics surrounding algebraic geometry and number theory, broadly conceived.

Operator Algebras Online Ical Atom Pdf

Thursday 14:10 – 15:00 , Online

The operator algebras seminar will temporarily take place online via Zoom. The link to each meeting can be obtained by contacting the organizer.

Colloquium Ical Atom Pdf Ml

Tuesday 14:30 – 15:30 , Math -101

Combinatorics Seminar External Ical Atom Pdf

Tuesday 13:00 – 14:00 , -101

Representation Theory Ical Atom Pdf

Wednesday 10:10 – 12:00 , 58-201

In the seminar we discuss construction of exceptional algebraic groups, both split and non-split via Jordan algebras and composition algebras. We further plan to discuss minimal representations on those groups and the theta correspondence for dual pairs in exceptional groups. Occasionally, guest lectures on various topics on representation theory and automorphic forms will take place.

אשנב למתמטיקה Online Ical Atom Pdf Ml

שלישי 16:10 – 17:30 , מרשתת

מטרת הסמינר להציג את מחקר אנשי הסגל במחלקה לסטודנטים לתואר ראשון. ככלל, החומר שיוצג יהיה ברמה של שנה ב ומעלה, אבל כולם מוזמנים

HUJI-BGU AGNT Seminar External Online Ical Atom Pdf

Monday 14:30 – 15:40 ,

The password is the maximal size of a Galois group of a degree-10 polynomial.

Schedule of talks

בחן את האינטואיציה שלך External Ical Atom Pdf

שני 17:00 – 17:15 , מרשתת