<p>The mathematical and computational logic group at BGU conducts research in <em>set theory</em>, <em>model theory</em>, <em>general topology</em>, <em>Boolean algebras</em> and, in theoretical computer science, <em>concurrency</em>, <em>logic programming</em> and <em>lambda calculus</em>.</p>

Group Members

Research Interests
Emeritus Prof Uri Abraham

Set theory, mathematical logic, concurrency (in Computer Science)

Dr Assaf Hasson

Model theory and applications to algebra and geometry.

Dr Moshe Kamensky

Model theory (a branch of mathematical logic), and its interactions with other areas of mathematics, especially algebraic geometry, representation theory and differential equations. I also like algebraic geometry in general, as well as category theory and related subjects.

Introduction to Model Theory and Logic
Dr Arkady Leiderman

Set theoretic topology, functional analysis, topological groups.

Mr Nadav Meir


Model theory

Valuation theory

Ramsey theory