Group Members

Research Interests
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Emeritus Prof Avraham Feintuch

Operator theory, linear systems, optimal control

Emeritus Prof Paul Fuhrmann

Systems and control theory, operator theory in Hilbert spaces, module theory and linear algebra

Dr. Saak Gabrielyan

Topological groups (general theory), abstract harmonic analysis, topological dynamics

Introduction to Differential Equations C
Prof. Ilan Hirshberg

Operator algebras.

Basic Concepts in Modern Analysis and Fourier Analysis for Electrical Engineering
Dr. Daniel Markiewicz

Operator algebras

Emeritus Prof Alexander Markus

Operator theory, functional analysis, matrix theory.

Prof. Arkady Poliakovsky

Partial differential equations, geometric measure theory

Emeritus Prof Vadim Tkachenko

Complex analysis, spectral theory of differential operators, functional equations.

Dr. Alexander Ukhlov

Geometric analysis: Sobolev spaces theory. Quasiconformal analysis. Geometric measure theory. Analysis on metric measure spaces.

Introduction to Differential Equations A
Prof. Victor Vinnikov

Operator theory, system theory, algebraic geometry

Infinitesimal Calculus 3 and Fourier analysis and orthonormal systems for physics