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Regular Faculty

On leave to Chapman University

photo of Prof Daniel Berend
photo of Prof Amnon Besser
photo of Dr Ishai Dan-Cohen
photo of Dr Assaf Hasson
photo of Prof Ilan Hirshberg
photo of Dr Moshe Kamensky
photo of Dr Dmitry Kerner
Dr Dmitry Kerner (Graduate Director)
photo of Prof Menachem Kojman
Prof Menachem Kojman (Department Head)
photo of Prof Tom Meyerovitch
photo of Dr Izhar Oppenheim
photo of Prof Fedor Pakovich
photo of Prof Ronen Peretz
Dr Arkady Poliakovsky (Undergraduate Director)
photo of Prof Yitzchak Rubinstein
photo of Prof Yoav Segev
photo of Prof Shakhar Smorodinsky
photo of Dr Ilya Tyomkin
photo of Dr Ariel Yadin
photo of Prof Amnon Yekutieli

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Kamea Members

Kamea Members
photo of Prof Leonid Berezansky
photo of Dr Arkady Leiderman
photo of Dr Ruvim Lipyanski

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Emeritus and Retired Faculty

Emeritus and Retired Faculty
photo of Emeritus Prof Miriam Cohen
Emeritus Prof Miriam Cohen (Center Director)
photo of Emeritus Prof Vladimir Gol'dshtein
photo of Prof Michael Klin
photo of Emeritus Prof Michael Lin
photo of Emeritus Prof Rathindra Nath Sen

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  • From abroad, dial +972-8-64x-xxxx. In Israel, dial 08-64-x-xxxx.
  • The mail domain is, unless explicitly shown otherwise
  • All offices are in the Deichman (58) building unless denoted differently, e.g. Building number/213.