Geometric Analysis and PDE

Group Members

Research Interests
Prof. Alexander Ukhlov

Geometric analysis: Sobolev spaces theory. Quasiconformal analysis. Geometric measure theory. Analysis on metric measure spaces.

Introduction to Differential Equations C and Partial Differential Equations For Biotechnology
Emeritus Prof Vladimir Gol’dshtein

Functional analysis: Sobolev spaces, global analysis: analysis on manifolds and L2-cohomology, geometrical theory of functions: quasi-conformal mappings, chemical engineering science.

Prof. Arkady Poliakovsky

Partial differential equations, geometric measure theory

Introduction to Differential Equations B and Integral Transforms and Partial Differential Equations
Mr. Paz Hashash

Besov spaces, sobolev spaces.

Mr. Roman Panenko
Prof. Arkady Leiderman

Set theoretic topology, functional analysis, topological groups.