Vladimir S. Shevelev

Department of Mathematics

Ben Gurion University of the Negev

E-mail: shevelev@ bgu.ac.il

Publications in Mathematical Journals

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Math.  ArXiv  Publications


V. Shevelev

On a Luschny question 2017


V. Shevelev

Combinatorial identities generated by difference analogs of hyperbolic and trigonometric functions of order n  2017


V. Shevelev

Two analogs of Thue-Morse sequence 2016 (addition 2017)


V. Shevelev,

P.J.C. Moses

Constellations of primes generated by twin primes 2016


V. Shevelev

On Erdos constant  2016


V. Shevelev

A fast computation of density of exponentially S-numbers  2016


V. Shevelev

Set of all densities of exponentially S-numbers  2015


V. Shevelev

Exponentially S-numbers  2015


V. Shevelev

Representation of positive integers by the form x3y3 z3− 3xyz  2015


V. Shevelev

Representation of positive integers by the form x1...xkx1... xk  2015


V. Shevelev

On identities generated by compositions of positive integers 2012


V. Shevelev,

P.J.C. Moses

A family of digit functions with large periods 2012


V. Shevelev,

P.J.C. Moses

Tangent  power sums and their applications 2012


V. Shevelev

Banach matchboxes problem and a congruence for primes 2011


V. Shevelev

The ménage problem with a known mathematician 2011


V. Shevelev

Combinatorial minors of matrix functions and their applications 2011


V. Shevelev

Spectrum of permanent’s values and its extremal magnitudes 2011


V. Shevelev

On Stephan’s  conjectures Concerning pascal  triangle modulo 2 2010


V. Shevelev

On Perfect and Near-Perfect Numbers 2010


V. Shevelev

Generalizations of the Rowland Theorem 2009


V. Shevelev

Theorems on Twin Primes-Dual Case 2009


V. Shevelev

Three Theorems on Twin Primes 2009


V. Shevelev

Equations of the Form $t(x+a)=t(x)$ and $t(x+a)=1-t(x)$ for Thue-Morse Sequence  2009


V. Shevelev

Several Results on Sequences which are Similar to the Positive Integers 2009


V. Shevelev

A recursion for divisor function over divisors belonging to a prescribed finite sequence of positive integers and a solution of the Lahiri problem for divisor function $\sigma_x(n) $ 2009


V. Shevelev

Binary additive problems: Theorems of Landau and Hardy-Littlwood type 2009


V. Shevelev

Binary additive problems: Recursions for numbers of representations 2009


V. Shevelev

On Unique Additive Representations of Positive Integers and Some Close Problems  2008


V. Shevelev

An Upper Estimate for the Overpseudoprime Counting Function 2008


V. Shevelev

Process of "Primoverization" of  Numbers of the Form a^n-1 2008


V. Shevelev

Overpseudoprimes,  Mersenne  Numbers  and  Wieferich  primes 2008


V. Shevelev

On Connection between the Numbers of Permutations and Full Cycles with  Some Restrictions on Positions and Up-Down Structure 2008


V. Shevelev

A Short Proof of a Known Relation for Consecutive Power Sums  2007


V. Shevelev

New Digit Results and Several Problems 2007


V. Shevelev

On the Newman sum over multiple of a prime with a primitive or semiprimitive root 2 2007


V. Shevelev

On Monotonic Strengthening of Newman-like Phenomenon on (2m+1)-multiples in Base 2m 2007


V. Shevelev

Two Algorithms for Exact Evaluation of the Newman Digit Sum and a new proof of Coquet’s theorem  2007


V. Shevelev

On Excess of the Odious Primes  2007


V. Shevelev

A Conjecture on Primes and a Step towards Justification  2007

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